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(Updated: September 16, 2017)
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Visiting my in-laws in E Sussex, I threw my bike in for the duty visit. I spent a Saturday morning riding the red trail around Bedgebury Pinetum and I was pleasantly surprised.

First things first, the ride nearly ended before it started! When I pulled up to the Visitor Centre car park and saw that they wanted £12 for parking, I turned around. Luckily I found plenty of space in Flimwell (well a lay-by on the A21) and parked for free. The 5mins ride to the visitor centre was a perfect warm up for the mornings ride. The trails were easy to find, and I quickly got on my way. The course is broken down into sections, each are well designed and well built (well done to the team). There is a good mix of all weather hard core, roots and rock. The berms are solid and well shaped allowing fast and flowing lines interspersed with well placed trees and rocks to keep you focussed! I quickly challenged myself to avoid my brakes having gained the confidence to take the berms higher I could carry a lot more speed out of the corners; good fun!

There is much comment on the limited technical challenge, steepness, etc. my only response is that I would not be looking for that sort of terrain in Sussex and Kent! I have learnt to find the challenge in any terrain and Bedgebury certainly allowed me to push my skill level. The terrain requires good control of speed, direction and line as any skill failure will quickly result in you getting closer to nature; which justifies its red grading.

The Visitor Centre set up is impressive, and it is clear the £12 parking charge doesn't deter the masses from visiting. Bikes for hire, Bike shop, bike wash, toilets and a cafe tick all of my boxes for facilities. I wouldn't go miles out of my way to visit, but it is worth the effort if you are nearby.

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Fast, flowing runs.
Good build quality.
No boring fire road slogs between sections.
Amazing facilities.
Enough to make your smile.
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£12 parking... WOW!
Looks popular with visitors.
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