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Kitchener Trail - Decent XC Loop and Great Bike Park.
(Updated: March 04, 2013)
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Ok so the first thing you need to know about the Kitchener Trail (red trail) is that it is an XC loop red and not a "Trail Centre Red". It is graded as a red because compared to the Green and Blue tracks they have, it is progressively more difficult. You have to know that it is a family orientated centre, so don't expect to be thrashing long decents and killer climbs! The area they have built the trail on is very flat but the trail builders have done a fantastic job in my opinion of the little contours there are.

The XC Loop itself is fairly mundane compared to say Cannock, Cwmcarn, or Gelntress and requires pedalling for 80% of it, so you will need to be energised for a round!. But there are some exciting sections which can bring your speed up fairly quickly. The best part about the trail, and the reason why i continue to ride it, is the bike park section roughly two thirds of the way round. During the winter of 2012 they worked on the section and I have ridden it new in 2013. There are at least 10 different route combinations you can take down the park, each with drops beween curb height and 2 foot, and swooping berms/corners.There are also a few rock sections on which a HT would suffer greatly! Each run takes around 1 minute on average and they all lead to the push up track which only takes 5 minutes to do.
There is also a Dirt Jump area with 5 sets of really well progressed jumps. It's fairly popular with DJ bikes and BMXs but is fun to ride on a Mountain bike too.

Recently (start of 2013) there has been a fair level of work put into the track itself to aid water run off and general conditions. I noticed a number of sections that used to be mud baths, transformed into hardpack trail with good drainage. There are a handful puddles/mud sections that seem to never disappear but I'm sure they will be sorted in due course and they only last for a few 10s of metres.

In terms of facilities there is a bike shop, cafe, toilets, jet wash, and picnic benches. They also have a 'Go Ape' activity centre for people not riding the trails. The bike shop does rentals and appears to be open all year round.

Overall I would certainly recommend the Kitchener trail to any level of mountain biker especially those just starting out. It's not a thrill seekers trail centre but it has been crafted well onto the given area. One thing I am yet to do is a night ride as the place is perfect for them! I believe Wednesday night is the unofficial day for them so I will have to get there some point soon with my new lights!

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Good Points
- Good facilities.
- Ridable for any level of mountain biker.
- Excellent bike park section.
- Perfect for night rides.
- Bike shop with rental.
- Family orientated.
Bad Points
- No 'death grip' decents as the land does not provide the contours.
- A handful of sections need some trail building work.
- Family orientated.
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