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Rode here recently and was very impressed. There were a few bits still being finished when I visited but the hub seemed very nice. My mate rented a bike from the shop and was very happy with it, especially at £13 for 2 hours.
We set off and found the skills area which was a nice warm up. Then set off looking for the start of the trail, I'm not sure if we missed a sign or what but took a while to find it. Signage in general could do with being a bit more obvious.
Once on the trail we were very impressed. We did a lap of the blue first then went round again to do the red. The features on all grades were fantastic and easy enough to push back up and do it again. Hadleigh park is going to be seeing alot of me!
Biggest let down however was after the ride we went for some cake in the cafe. There wasn't any! They did some hot food and a few other bits but a big slice of cake after a ride should be the law!

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Good Points
Line options- choice of red/black features
Can session sections easily
It was the Olympic course.
Bad Points
Signage a little poor
To many people cutting corners.
Cafe didn't have cake!
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