Yorkshire Dales

  • Gunnerside Gill, Yorkshire Dales Killer Loop

    The Gunnerside Gill, Yorkshire Dales MTB GPS Loop is 11 miles long and starts from Richmond, Healaugh, DL11 6,

  • Ingleton and Cam End

    This mountain bike route of 29.2 miles starts from Ingleton on the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales. It heads out on a clockwise route around Ingleborough going under the Ribblehead Viaduct to reach Cam End junction before returning via the Pennine Bridleway. There is a great variety of riding with moorland tracks, hardpack double track, sheep clipped grass, fun singletrack and some rocky bits. It’s a great ride with big views and not many really steep bits or hugely technical sections.

    Start from the Information Centre car park (GR694730). Leave the car park keeping the visitor centre on the right then at the T-junction at the exit turn right. Go under the bridge then at the following junction turn left and descend a short way to a junction at the bottom. Turn left and go across the bridge over the river to a junction directly after (GR694732). Turn right and follow the road out of the houses for a steep climb through the trees. After a while the lane plateaus and goes down a gentle descent before climbing again to a gated junction on a right hand bend (GR699745).

    GPS log courtesy of Flattyres-MTB. A full route guide for this ride is available on their website here: Ingleton and Cam End.

  • Ribblehead and Hawes

    This mountain bike route of 29.9 miles starts from near the Ribblehead Viaduct on the western side of the Yorkshire Dales. It uses Cam High Road and the Pennine Way for a ride around Hawes and back. While mainly using double track there is a bit of everything with fast blasts, steep technical riding, some hard climbing and easy spins with stunning views. In wetter weather, this can be a very big ride but with Hawes, at the halfway point there are opportunities for refuelling and bike maintenance.

    Start from the layby at the junction of the B6255 and B6479 just below The Station Inn, near the Ribblehead Viaduct (GR766792). Turn right from the layby and climb the B6255 away from the junction. After a while, the road passes the Gearstones cottages and outdoor centre on the right. Continue following the road, which after a while goes around a right hand bend and through a dip. Climb out of the dip to a left-hand bend at the top, with a junction to a gated track on the right (GR785803). Turn right onto the gravel track and go through the gate then descend straight ahead to the bridge.

    GPS log courtesy of Flattyres-MTB. A full route guide for this ride is available on their website here:  Ribblehead and Hawes

  • Clapham and Pen-y-ghent

    This is a 29.5 mile mountain bike ride starting from Clapham on the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales, which is also home to Ingleborough cave. The route heads east from the village following the Pennine Bridleway before doing a loop around Pen y Ghent, then returning on more of the Pennine Bridleway. The route uses a lot of the rocky Dales double track with some great sections of singletrack and some grassy riding to Foxup.

    The ride starts from the National Park Car park in Clapham, with the Clapham Bunkhouse, Café and Bar right at the entrance. At the exit of the car park turn right and follow the road to the junction in front of the church. Turn right onto the wide rocky track, then at the next junction immediately after turn left. Climb the double track through two tunnels then continue up the steep climb to a three-way junction at the top. Take the track on the right and follow the double track between the stone walls. The track starts descending gently at the first set of trees but steepens just before the second set trees. Keep descending the track until it reaches a crossroad junction with a lane.

    GPS log courtesy of Flattyres-MTB. A full route guide for this ride is available on their website here: Clapham and Pen-y-ghent


  • Fremington Edge

    Fremington Edge mountain bike GPS route is 22.5 miles long and is set in the North East corner of the Yorkshire Dales. It starts from Grinton Lodge YHA and circles Arkengarthdale. It contains a great mixture of riding from wide gravel tracks to fast and tight singletrack.

    Gets quite a mudfest in the winter though so check conditions first with both your enjoyment and trail environmental sustainability in mind. 

    GPS log courtesy of Flattyres-MTB. A full route guide for this ride is available on their website here: Fremington Edge

  • Grand Tour de Swaledale

    As many of Swaledale's best trails as you can get into one massive ride, with optional stops at The Dales Bike Centre, The Red Lion, The CB Inn and the Ghyllfoot tea room at Gunnerside. Routes starts at a Car Park on the left, half a mile west of Healaugh on the main road- many escape routes are available to this point as they will all be downhill, if fatigue or bad weather intervene. The route has over a mile of vertical climbing and you climb to over 500m above sea level on five separate occasions

  • Gunnerside Gill & Apedale

    Gunnerside Gill & Apedale mountain bike route in the Yorkshire Dales is 28.5 miles long and is graded moderate. It heads up Swaledale and Gunnerside before returning through Apedale. There's a good mixture of rocky trails through the Swaledale and over the moors with some great descents and long climbs in Gunnerside Gill and Apedale. Although a long, hard ride Gunnerside has some good mid-ride refuelling options.

    GPS log courtesy of Flattyres-MTB. A full route guide for this ride is available on their website here: Gunnerside Gill & Apedale

  • Gunnerside Gill, Yorkshire Dales

    Gunnerside Gill, Yorkshire Dales is a 9 mile Swaledale / Yorkshire Dales classic circular MTB route. Starts atMelbecks, DL11 6PW.Find out about the wider region here at on the trail listing https://www.ibikeride.com/england/2429-gunnerside-gill-yorkshire-dales-mountain-bike-trails

  • Harkerside and Apedale from Dales Bike Centre

    Approximately 20km (12 miles), but don't be fooled by the short distance, the ride has nearly 600m of climbing, which of course means plenty of time going downhill at great speeds, firstly on a moorland track, as you dip into Wensleydale, then secondly over grouse moors, shooting butts and grassy singletrack. The final 4km drop you more than 300 vertical metres down to the Dales Bike Centre where an epic cake usually awaits.
  • Langthwaite and Reeth Moor

    Langthwaite and Reeth Moor is a mountain bike trail in the Yorkshire Dales. It is graded moderate and is 19 miles long. It is based around Reeth, at the junction of Swaledale and Akengarthdale in the Yorkshire Dales. It is split over two sections of different length each containing a big up and down. The first and largest section climbs from Langthwaite to the top of Reeth Moor before descending towards Reeth. After Reeth is the shorter, but more severe and technical, climb and descent of Fremington Edge. The trails go through a number of old earthworks and quarries so are predominantly rocky with a few sections of singletrack. It starts at the Red Lion in Langthwaite.

    GPS log courtesy of Flattyres-MTB. A full route guide for this ride is available on their website here: Langthwaite and Reeth Moor


  • Two XC Loops from Hardraw

    There's some serious climbing to be done here in the short distance. Do the eastern loop first as it is more rewarding- the second finishes with a descent on road