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(Updated: March 22, 2014)
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Cwmcarn was the first trail centre I visited and I keep going back. Its a convenient location for me close to family and friends in South Wales. Trail is a good technical and physical workout for any experience level. The Twrch climb is one of the most technical of any trail centre in the UK - you need to be able to shift your weight about with ease and front and rear wheel lifts are core skills for this climb. In the wet (which is often in Wales) the exposed rocks and roots become more of a challenge but the trail itself drains really well due to the steep terrain.

The Twrch Trail descent is long and flowing and is great fun! You can pick up some high speeds on the descent that takes you back to the car park where you will arrive breathless and wondering if you have enough leg power left to do the climb again.

At the top of the Twrch there is the free ride park, that you can use to hone your jumping skills on the table tops and your turns on the huge berms. You can also link up with the Y Mynydd Black rated DH track... Mostly rollable but you can push yourself and there are some white knuckle switchbacks and drops to test your mental and riding ability.

Altogether a great trail centre on a steep hillside with new tracks being built by Rowan Sorrell opening up late in 2013 to add to the appeal.

EDIT - A few Words about the new Cafall Trail.

If you are looking for another Twrch you are in for a shock/surprise.

It's worthy of its Red grade. The descent can be fast in places and there are some steep sections and surprise drops that would have unnerved a Novice Tim a few years ago.

The climb is tough. I am not the best shape at the moment and found it hard work.

Cognation have done a great job. There is a natural feel to the place and the descents each have a different feel to them.

Cwmcarn is back in the trail centre map.

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Good Points
* Excellent technical features for both climbing and descending.
* Short enough to visit with only a couple of hours to spare.
* Its in Wales!
Bad Points
* Its very popular with both beginners and advanced riders so be prepared to have to get out of the way fast especially on the Y Mynydd or to have to ask to pass a slow climber on the Twrch.
* Being in Wales you are likely to have to pay the Severn Bridge Toll to get there. This plus parking makes it a £10 trip before you take into account anything else.
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