Bath Bike Park - No More In the Works

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Bath Bike Park announced as a proposal in 2021 was the brainchild of Pedal Progression and was to be designed and built by Architrail and Velosolutions UK (a great team). The facility was to feature a free access green space as well as a pay-to-ride bike park and its plan was, all things going well to open in 2022.

Unfortunately, it has been announced that this project will be no more due to financial viability. We have been tracking the steps to date and what the plans were. Our hearts go out to the team and hopefully, at some point, this can be resurrected.

So what were in the plans for Bath Bike Park?

Free To Access Space

  • The concept was to have a free-to-access space surrounding a paid bike park. This proposal incorporated a cafe, a natural play area for children, and a 2km perimeter multi-user trail for walking a dog, taking a lunchtime stroll, or riding your bike.
  • There was to be a Learn To Ride Area–for children catering to balance bikes & bikes with small wheels as well as adaptive bikes. There will be a Picnic/Park Space, allotment Space (around 8 plots), and a Nature Garden

Paid Bike Park

  • This included a blue trail flowy descent, a blue dual slalom, two red trail descents with tabletop jumps, rock features, and small drops. The second red descent was to offer technical progression from the first.
  • Also proposed was an orange trail descent with features that include progressive jumps, drops, and flowy turns. This trail would bring together many of the features found in the purpose-built skills areas.
  • The proposed black trail descent– is the ‘pro line’ with gap jumps & big technical features.
  • Planned also were 3 jump lines which would progress from small ‘table top’ jumps through to larger table tops & gap jumps.
  • Finally was the skills area for honing corners, rock gardens & drops, and a Velosolutions asphalt pump track giving an all-weather playground for riders..

The Steps

  • Pedal Progression won the tender to operate and manage the site.
  • Architrail was to provide the technical expertise in the design and development of the Mountain Bike trails and Velosolutions UK the pump track
  • The Council was providing the capital funding for the development of the Mountain Bike park, managing the project, and monitor the contract with Pedal Progression.  The Council would have continued to own the site and be ultimately responsible for it.
  • Planning application was hoped to be submitted in August/September. Physical development of the site would follow, with a view to opening the bike trails in 2022
  • BaNES Council launched a consultation for @bathbikepark looking at a few key areas of the project.

1st December 2022 - Plans No More

  • Unfortunately, it was announced that this project would be no more due to financial viability. Again, our hearts go out to Ollie and Matt with nothing but respect for their hard work and perseverance and hopefully somehow, sometime this beautiful initiative can be resurrected. See their words below:

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