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At £135 for 2 days coaching in a beautiful location, I believe that Forest Freeride offers fantastic value for money. Stuart takes the time to explain everything he wants you to do and why, not failing to highlight what using bad techniques can lead to. Incredibly patient, knowledgeable and owning a very nice part of the country. The training area is on the slope of the valley with a stream at the bottom, there are various obstacles set up at various points to allow the demonstration and practice of correct technique. The obstacles near the stream particularly focus your attention because of the need to brake well or get wet! We went from basics and progressively built up the array of techniques and difficulty of practice. I now feel equipped to handle trail obstacles that before would have found me looking for another line or trying to walk down on the brakes (never a great solution). I just need to get out and get dirty now! There is a bunkhouse there which costs £10 per night (donated to the Air Ambulance), very well equipped for a bunk house. There is also a bit of a menagerie at Forest Freeride, there are two European Eagle Owls, two Llamas, two dogs and a blind ewe called Helen Keller!

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Good Points
Location was amazing, practice facilities perfectly suited to the task at hand.
Cost - great value for money.
The people - Stuart and Dee were really nice, made me feel very welcome.
The instruction - I have never been on a MTB skills course before so nothing to judge it against but the fact that I was doing stuff which previously scared the crap out of me, I think means that the instruction was bang on for me.
Bad Points
When it's cold, the upstairs in the bunkhouse can be very cold so make sure you bring a good sleeping bag.
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