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Mountain Bike Skills Development for Females

Dirt Vixens aims to cater for female mountain bikers of any level who want to improve their riding. Whether you are new to the sport and want to learn good technique from the start, or have been riding for a while but want to up the level, Dirt Vixens can help you achieve your goals.

Having been mountain biking for over 20 years I know that there are many excellent female mountain bikers out there. I also know that there are many women who would like to develop their skills on the bike and to gain confidence in riding more technical terrain.  That is why Dirt Vixens is the leading coaching and development company in Scotland for female riders, with more than 300 riders on the books.  It also has an exemplary safety record, providing all the thrills without the spills.

The trails in the Moray, Aberdeen and Inverness areas are ideal locations for any rider to hone their skills and fitness and there are many top level riders, both male and female, living and riding in the area. Although the established trail and race centres draw large crowds on a regular basis there is no need to go to the expense of travelling to these destinations when we have such great trails on our doorstep.

I have found that many female bikers are reluctant to attend mixed group skills development sessions. There may be many reasons for this but I think the main one is that they are more comfortable developing their skills within a similar peer group. Whatever the reason, Dirt Vixens provides a supportive, safe but exciting opportunity for you to reach your full potential on a mountain bike.

The skills sessions run on roughly fortnightly basis in Moray and monthly in Inverness and Aberdeen, each class will last about 2 hours. Group size will be limited to no more than 8 students as this provides a level of tuition that is tailored to developing your skills in a very focused manner. The sessions are based in various locations around the north of Scotland from Contin to the Aberdeen area, with the main focus being around Elgin In Moray.

Covering all aspects of mountain biking, other than downhill racing, the sessions use as their core Cycling Scotland's Go Mountain Bike (Go MTB) syllabus and British Cycling Gears 1 - 6, and provides certification of each skill level as it is achieved. There are 5 levels within the syllabus which cover the most basic skills necessary for bike control right up to advanced riding techniques. The time taken to progress through each level will vary with the individual but should be relatively quick at the lower levels for most riders and will take longer for the more advanced levels. There is no onus on any pupil to complete all the levels and if anyone does not want to follow the certification route there is no need to do so.

All you need to attend is enthusiasm, a serviceable and suitable mountain bike, a properly fitting cycling helmet and suitable clothing. It is also recommended that you wear full finger gloves and either protective sports glasses or clear safety specs that are available from DIY outlets for a few pounds.


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