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(Updated: August 04, 2017)
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I came here on a day trip with a week off. It was mid week and not the best weather so there were only a few folk in the car park. All the riders I spoke to where really friendly and helpful so there is clearly a good community vibe going on.

The runs are as described in the listing above. There is a good number of one orange dot's to work up your confidence and then a good choice of 2 dots (Didn't do (couldn't do) the 3 dots but looked ace). The tracks are well maintained and the push up a good workout but not too steep so do-able. I did ten runs in 2 hours and had more than my fill and called it a day. I left though with tons more to come back and do still.

Had a couple of off's. It had rained the day before and not completely dried out. The chalk base makes it slippy especially on the berms. If it had been raining on the day I would personally avoid.

Limited facilities (just a car park) so come prepared.

All in all would definitely will be back especially as it is near my mother in laws so I may even be a better family citizen now and visit more.

NB small note. You need to be a member (you can be a free member and pay on the day £7). I'd lost my free membership card but it is fine just to show the associated email. So if you don't have your card don't let that put you off a trip but make sure you have gone online and signed up for membership in advance.

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Good Points
- Great choice of runs down
- Progressive
- Friendly
- Well maintained
Bad Points
- Chalk based so slippy if it has been raining.
- no toilets
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