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Local Stomping Ground
(Updated: June 07, 2015)
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Its alright.

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Good Points
I guess this is technically the closest trail center to my current household. Doesn't really fill me with excitement I have to be honest - mainly use it to keep the phys levels up.

Only ridden the red multiple times which is pretty rooty and in the wet is pretty lethal, but then I do like the technical challenge of it.

Some nice descending berms and jumps, some pretty fast flowing parts in the dry. The last bit down into the car park has been revamped and is much better.

Very family orientated.
Bad Points
Gets ridiculously crazy muddy on the trails when wet. No places to rinse bike quickly afterwards.

I think they need to add some faster sections into the trail but then I am a bit of a speed freak.

Could do with more trails - I believe the blue is being developed though.
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