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Ashton court and leigh woods trails are very much the same so can be looped together to make a good ride.
They have small jumps/rollers scattered around, and a couple of really fun descents that swoop you round going down longer than you think is possible for the small amount of climbing you have done. The trails are all surfaced with quite a few wheel bouncing stones that have been exposed.
Ashton court and leigh woods are definitely worth the visit but maybe don't plan to do more than one day. As they're quite short they're perfect to stop off at on the way back from wales as we did. There is a small cafe and toilets up the top. Just don't park at the bottom car park as you will have a long walk up the big hill, and an even longer ride down the fire road.

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There are a couple of fairly fun descents
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Not too much elavatiob
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