North Yorkshire

  • Ribblehead and Hawes

    This mountain bike route of 29.9 miles starts from near the Ribblehead Viaduct on the western side of the Yorkshire Dales. It uses Cam High Road and the Pennine Way for a ride around Hawes and back. While mainly using double track there is a bit of everything with fast blasts, steep technical riding, some hard climbing and easy spins with stunning views. In wetter weather, this can be a very big ride but with Hawes, at the halfway point there are opportunities for refuelling and bike maintenance.

    Start from the layby at the junction of the B6255 and B6479 just below The Station Inn, near the Ribblehead Viaduct (GR766792). Turn right from the layby and climb the B6255 away from the junction. After a while, the road passes the Gearstones cottages and outdoor centre on the right. Continue following the road, which after a while goes around a right hand bend and through a dip. Climb out of the dip to a left-hand bend at the top, with a junction to a gated track on the right (GR785803). Turn right onto the gravel track and go through the gate then descend straight ahead to the bridge.

    GPS log courtesy of Flattyres-MTB. A full route guide for this ride is available on their website here:  Ribblehead and Hawes