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I've recently started to dabble in a bit of downhill, and have to say that Antur Stiniog is a great place to start doing so. Granted, I've only tackled the blue and done the red once, but it's a great little place and we'll worth the visit if you're into DH. Even if you're only into XC, it's worth a visit.

The trails are downhill grades, so the blue here is similar to an XC black.

The staff are very friendly and cheerful, the whole place is run very professionally, and all the usual facilities are there.

Full face helmet and body armour are a REALLY good idea - if you come off, you're likely to get ripped to shreds thanks to the slate.

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Good Points
• Fast uplift with quality trailers that won't damage your bike.
• Friendly staff.
• Cafe, shower, and toilets on site.
• Great trails with plenty of challenges and features to keep you on your toes.
• Ideal for starting out with DH.
• Photographer is usually around to take photos so you can buy some awesome shots after your visit.
Bad Points
• You'll want to go back. A lot.
• Can get very cold and windy - almost all the trails are out in the open, aside from a very short bit at the bottom.
• Tube and tyre destroyer. Dual ply tyres are a good idea if you have them.
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Antur Stiniog - Crash on Drafft (Blue Route)
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