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Antur Stiniog
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Since Antur Stiniog located in North Wales in the small town of Blaenau Ffestiniog has opened, it has already had a huge effect on biking in North Wales. It's popularity continues to grow as do the happy riders! Weather you have a hardtail or a fully blown full suspension downhill bike there's something for everyone

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The first thing I should point out is that I've personally rode here 5 times since it's opened. I was amazed at how varied the trails are at Antur Stiniog . It's main focus is Downhill MTB, so there are no enduro or XC loops you can do at the moment (although rumors are a loop is going to get built at sompoint).

There are 4 trails, each has their own special vibe to it. The first is called "drafft" it's been graded as a blue run. Its a great trail to give the less experienced riders or beginners a taste of what it's all about. Its a well built and maintained trail due to Meirion Black doing an outstanding job as always. There are a couple of rocks for riders so get the hang of the hard packed terrain and berms.

The second trail is called "wild cart" and is graded a red run. This is slightly more challenging than the blue run however there is no feature on the trail that could accidentally make you have a Red Bull Rampage sort of moment! Similar to the blue run, it keeps its flow well and has plenty of fun berms to catch you as you carry speed. There are more rocks than the blue run, and is a very good trail once you've progressed to start riding.

Black Powder is the third run, It's graded a black run ironically. The two black runs start next to each other on a separate part of the mountain. This trail is personally my favorite out of them all because of the throbbing legs and numb arms you get once you've completed a run. There are plenty of rocks on this trail, and some awesome jumps for you to get sideways on! Every part of the trail links up well and the rock gardens that are littered down the course are so fun to ride. There are a couple of places you can pull in if your arm pump gets overwhelming, and there is always an amazing photographer that takes professional photographs for you to prove to your mates you survived! An average run would take you 3 minuets to complete if you are an experienced rider.

The final of the four trails is the "Double Black". This is also graded a black run. This is also a very fun trail like the Black Powder. It is roughly the same sort of terrain as Black Powder, its just a different gradient. It's steeper and once you're 1 minuet in there is no escaping the brutal slabs of stone and rock boulders! Even though it's littered with rock the trail still flows and keeps you on your toes. The bottom section has the infamous rock drop, a sheer drop that only experienced riders should hit. Everything is rollable so if you're not feeling up to it you can just ride round it. It all links up to a superb line of jumps that are perfectly built. It's a shorter trail than Black Powder but more challenging and definitely more wild!

Recently, a new center has been opened. It has a small bike shop for all the tubes and tires you may need, along with a jet wash, caffe, showers (£1 for 8 minuets!) and an awesome balcony for you to bask in the sun on a hot day! The uplift service is outstanding with a 10 minuet turnaround if you're pinning it down a trail. The bikes are carried in a Burgtech trailer which is a very safe and easy way to uplift the bikes. The drivers are very friendly and encourage you to speak Welsh which in my opinion is a great way to develop you're language skills also!

There is also a pump track which is a really good thing to get your skills up if you're not so confident on jumps. Great fun to session whilst the hard working uplift drivers are busy chowing down their food.
Bad Points
The only downside about Antur Stiniog is the fact you have to bring about 4 tubes with you every time due to the amount of rocks your bike has to endure in a full day, And the fact you have to buy a pair of new wheels ever couple of visits if you don't like buckled wheels!
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