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Great start for a new trail centre in Wales
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Similar in feel and design to Antur Stiniog. More variety than Cwmcarn DH. Not exactly a DH venue though plenty that is, and all the trails pretty much 'down hill'. Very much an All Mountain bike place though.

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Good Points
I now get Rowan's fast flowing designs, as if you stick it on a big mountain/hill, going all downhill and make it steep - it works!

Fast, flowing, twisty, steep, and running for 10 to 20 minutes for the blues.

Reds vary from twisty, rough, big bermed with drops, jumps, doubles, switchbacks and roots, to crazy rock gardens. Black steps up from that with bigger and mandatory drops, gaps, even more crazy rock gardens. They're rough and plenty of options to end up in hospital justifiably. Hence the warning signs and that they make you sign an acceptance of risk. Plenty to grin about.

There's also a 'pro' line option but don't know what that's like.

Good visitor centre with cafe, bike shop, toilets/shower & bike wash.
Bad Points
Uplift. *Way* too long waiting for the uplift. Though it was a weekday and they're only running one bus. There were four other buses sat in the car park unused. If you run one of the quicker reds fast you can however get to the uplift before it's got back down. About 10 to 15 mins you need to be. Any longer and you have to wait for it to go up and back down again. You can end up doing one run per hour!

Uplift pickup is at the end of some of the trails, but some will drop you out at the visitor centre and there's a bit of a ride to get to the pickup. It's also not that obvious when you get there first time how to get to the pickup.

Cafe isn't speedy. Food okay though they'd run out of the specials quickly, and weren't taking credit cards despite having a card machine.

I suspect it will be very busy at weekends. The uplift is booked out for months, but a lot of people just turn up for the £5 day pass and do the climb (though heard many say they'll do the uplift next time as looks like a killer climb). I've heard hundreds are there at weekends. Not that bad a thing if it's popular. Just will have to see how the facilities cope over time. It's early days yet.

Only one shower in the mens toilets. Though it may not be a very muddy venue. There are some muddy spots on some trails but others dry well.
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