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Never Again
(Updated: July 05, 2019)
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I've now been to Penmachno on 3 occasions.
First time was on a local led ride by local guide and we hit some interesting bits off the main trail network
Second was part of my BC guiding assessment which thankfully meant we rode further afield and only took on part of the tails.
Third time - just this last weekend.

I finally rode the whole trail and I can honestly say I'll never go back.

There is simply not enough reward for your pedaling in my opinion.

The last bit on the main Red loop is good an techy fun with lots of rocky drops and turns - but thats it for me

Sorry Penmachno, you are not for me.

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The rocks are hard
The puddles are wet
You'll get a good work out
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Just not enough reward for all your hard work
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