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Antur Stiniog On A 6 inch bike
(Updated: December 30, 2016)
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I came to Antur Stiniog having not done that much Downhill for years except a blast last the summer in the Alps. These days I mainly do technical trail riding focusing on reds and blacks. I has heard Antur Stiniog was progressive by nature and had heard only awesome things so I thought lets give it a go. I came with my 6 inch Santa Cruz Butcher and found the whole place and the local folk I met frankly totally awesome.

I spent the morning sessioning the Blue Drafft run and then the afternoon the Red.

The Blue is fast and flowing with a number of small drops, berms and rocky sections along the way. For clarity a Blue downhill is not the same as a Blue XC. It is a real step up technically. Also this is a Blue with Red features (it shares the end with the Red trail) and the rocky wooded shute near the end definitely feels Red by nature and will keep your wits about you as you need to carefully choose your line.

The Red Wild Cart run starts by the Blue and is steeper, tighter and with looser slate and a few surprises (bigger drops). Half way through or thereabouts it joins the last sections of the Blue.

The quarry slate nature gives an open and exposed feeling and adds neatly to the endorphin fuelled DH psychy rattling of your brain from the first run onwards.

I'm guessing the slate nature of the terrain also means maintenance and erosion will be minimal. Although breaking bumps are forming on the last few hundred feet as riders I guess are getting tired.

The uplift is great value for money and super efficient with three carriers so you never wait long. They say you can get around 15 runs in and if you have that level of extreme energy then respect (and that is great payback for your dosh).

Had a very quick play on the jump park which is all rollable, very fast and I think for serious jump junkies is pretty advanced.

Will I be back? "def"

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Good Points
- progressive skills development built into it's DNA
- awesome tracks that are about going down and then repeat.
- enough choices that it is not over congested so you don't feel pressure
- rocky feel
- friendly DH vibe
- Great uplift service that is value for money
- run as a social enterprise by the community for the community
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April 29, 2013
Great review Dan! Was sorry to miss it but feel like I've at least got a taste for what's there now. One for the (hopefully not too distant) future.
April 29, 2013
In reply to an earlier comment

Buddy you will love it :)
2 results - showing 1 - 2