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Rock Garden Heaven
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This has to be one of the best descents I have ever done in the UK. If you have the skills you can ride it fast and get the most out of the trail and best of all enjoy it! Came up and down the Llanberis path.

This trail is graded black. If you are not used to riding downhill tracks or technical trails with rocks and drops I would say you will have an experience for sure but it may be one that will also leave a stain on your pants that just won't wash out.

The climb up is a bit gruelling but can be done in 2 - 3 hours depending on how easy you take it. It gives you an opportunity to check out some of the features you will be riding back down.

The surface can be a bit shaley at times and pretty dam loose, but if you've got good brakes and a good bike it's so much fun. Full susser highly recommended if you prize you knee caps.

Would recommend going up in the afternoon and plan to come down at around sun set. We did it in March and came down at 5:30 when there was no one on the trail. Would have been a totally different and probably soured experience if the trail was as packed as when we walked up.

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Long. Fast. Loose. Gnarly. Can't stop smiling.
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The struggle is real on the push up! Be careful its not snowy up there!

Not for novices
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