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Singletrack in a shot glass!
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I have ridden this trail numerous times over the last 6 years and I never get bored of it, it has to be one of the best little trails out there! I get that when you see how far and remote this little 6.5km red graded trail is located, sitting on the edge of the Carmarthenshire border, that on paper it's not worth the journey but I will come back to that.

The trail is basically a 1 up 1 down which means you do all the hard work at the start and then get all the reward at the end. The ascent is a steady fire road climb for the first 2.5km and acts a really good warm up until you get to "the bench" which offers up some of the most spectacular views looking towards the brecon beacons and the black mountains. On a fairly clear day you can see Llyn y fan fach (the highest point in Carmarthenshire) and as you continue on up the now single track climb you might even see Pen y fan as you switch back until you reach the highest point of this ride at 305m just before entering the canopy.

This is where the fun starts, this can be a fast and furious descent split into 3 small stages. Stage 1 is fairly steep in parts with sometimes slippy rock drops protruding from the surface and a few shallow berms to boot, keep your speed up and you will forget that you are actually climbing in some places.

After crossing a forest track and hitting a couple of baby table tops you will know this is stage 2 as you start to climb again. Don't be put off by this as it only lasts for a few minutes before it levels out, over some exposed rock then a mad rush through the trees with some tasty tight turns and plenty of options to pop your wheels off the ground but don't stop turning those pedals, the exit from this stage is just begging for air before you hit the end of a forest fire road.

Stage 3 has a steep entry and some very nicely built berms which get bigger and bigger before launching you back on the trail, where a couple of stealthy take off points lay ahead that can catch you out if you hit them wrong, and send you flying down this short straight before winding your way through the trees and eventually back at the car park

I guarantee you will be grinning ear to ear and ready to go again having completely forgotten how you got to the top first time.

Ok, It's obvious that I like this trail but should you travel all that way just for a 6.6km ride? Probably not unless you make a weekend of it, why not visit the Brechfa trails or even have a go at the classic Doethie Valley and tag this little gem on the end because that's exactly what I do! And despite the lack of facilities on site you're not too far away from a decent pint!

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