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CwmCarn Y Mynydd Downhill, Twrch, Cafall
(Updated: November 03, 2014)
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The downhill track at CwmCarn in South Wales is one of my favourites. It was designed by Phil Saxena of Full Contact Racing (guy who built World Champs 4Xand Hamsterley) and built by local riders including Rowan Sorrell. In my mind it has everything and for Londoners it is reachable even in a day trip.

You get dropped off a few hundred feet from the top.
With a steep start you hit a couple of tabletops. Then you corner around to enter a woody section. Nice drops, roots and some decent speed are here. The gradient steeply descends to smooth and tight corners and rocky switchbacks. Through the tunnel and you are traversing along to hit steep succession of some awesome rock steps that take you to a corner dropping steeply over a road over a big quarry drop gap to an off camber section. kickers and drops tthat lead you through to a massive berm to the largest of doubles if you dare. A bridge and sweet drop off.
You could probably manage about 6-8 uplifts a day maybe more.
The Twrch
The uphill on the Twrch is one of the most lung busting technical climbs I've done. It is also set in awesome scenery. The down is as fast as the up is hard. It is flowing and tons of fun. The visitors centre has all you would want.
Found the up relentless and the down a bit dull to be honest.

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