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Lots of red trail with big climbs and fun DH on offer
(Updated: November 08, 2014)
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Good Points
A variety of trails satisfying the xc/trail rider and also the DH riders, with the possibility of doing a bit of both in a day.

Twrch - killer climb, fun generally flowing trail there on down. Good length even after the very long and tiring climb.

Cafall - killer climb again (this is Cwmcarn). Trail is a little more natural feeling than Twrch, and does have more climbs after each descent, though it enables some fairly steep and fun descents. I'm no fan of climbing, but will say some of the climbs have a flow to them which works well. In that you reach a rise, it swoops down and up to the next rise a bit higher, down and up higher, and repeat. If you get the momentum right surprisingly there's a lot less pedalling.

Y Mynydd DH - excellent and fairly all weather DH track that's relatively most abilities. Not beginner by any means, but you can roll it all pretty much with rollable options, but want to hit it hard you can get big air and fly off drops. Best running it with a day of uplifting but trail riders can have a go if they can get a spare spot on the uplift, or are up for climbing it. Armour recommended if you're hitting it hard.

Pedalhounds DH - have yet to try it. Though it's accessible from Cafall if you want a quicker option down after all the climbing.

Other points:

Nice cafe / visitors centre, showers available.

Uplift for the DH and you can ask to get off for the Twrch trail also. Can pay for one off uplifts if there's space (usually towards the end of the day). Friendly guys from Cwmdown.

Nice woodland scenery and views (despite the view of Newport)
Bad Points
Bike wash is an area with tap with no hose and flooded, and stinks.

Cwmdown sadly is down to one bus, and they can't run up to Pedalhounds at the moment.
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