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Lochore Meadows and Whitewood Bikepark

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  • Information:
  • Type: MTB Base
  • Grades: Green, Blue, Red
  • Riding: Cross Country, Bike Skills Park, Skills Loop, Pump Track
  • Facilities: Pay and Display, Toilets, Visitor-Centre, Cafe
  • Distance(s): Under 5km, 5-10km
  • Number:
  • Country: Scotland
  • County: Fife
  • Website: Lochore Meadows & Whitewood Bikepark
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:
  • Email:

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Avg 3.73
Grin Factor
Trail Variety
Trail Quality

Lochore Trails

Short but well worth a visit or two. A welcome wee addition to biking in Fife. Try it.

Good points:

Excellent bad weather venue. Really good for developing XC skills especially bike control. Very twisty and a suprisingly good pump if ridden hard. Great for learners and for training. Makes a nice afternoon visit, nice venue by the loch. Really great for locals and Id say it is worth a visit now and again for those further afield, even better if you team it up with another activity on offer at the Outdoor Centre. Nice one!

Bad points:

Bit short but if you ride it a couple of times well worth it. No downhill, so cant really develop that skill. Ride back along the lochside to centre is pretty but not really in keeping with rest of trail and can be busy with prams, dogs etc. But hey, its a country park and that should be expected.

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17/11//2017 - over 6 years ago

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