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Fort Bill - World Cup DH Track
(Updated: November 08, 2013)
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Been wanting to tackle this for a while and got round to it this year. We have all watched the vids I think so know exactly what to expect, then you go and ride it. We don't have many gondola assisted downhill courses in the UK and it adds a whole new element. Takes around 15mins to get to the top so you can get plenty of runs in. I entered the No fuss / Hope Technology 6 hour endurance downhill, did 1 practice run and then 14 race runs in the 6 hours, finished 3rd. You need to be prepared for the extreme nature of the course if your doing run after run to get your monies worth .. I did a video of the event that's attached - but if you want vids then watch the best guys in the world do the course at the world cups rather than me :)

I didn't do the red, or ride the XC - Fort Bill is about the WC DH track to me not the rest.
You dont *need* a DH bike but I'm sure it helps, I rode my Heckler!
I did this as event #1 in my "Month of Madness" 5 Big mountain events in 5 weeks. Including MegAvalanche, Mountain of Hell and the MacAvalanche.

Nice big car park, cafe toilets etc - remember your midge repellant!

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One of the Best WC DH tracks in the world - so much history!
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You need strong arms to ride all day!
Midges! OW!
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Fort Bill Endurance Downhill 2013 - Podium Finish
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