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Regular Glentress rider and I always have a great time there. The blue is great fun and is enough to get anyone hooked on mountain biking. Following the blue route lets you see quite a lot of the forest but the red route expands on this taking you higher and further. The red route is the most popular with the famous Spooky Wood descent and various other notable trails. It has many flowy parts with optional features graded red and black. As a regular rider I abridge and alter my route to go straight to Spooky Wood missing out the rougher Pennels Vennel then I do the whole descent down to the split for Pie Run and The Matrix here I go up past The Matrix to Double X and do the Black descent all the way down to if you wish the Hub. This takes me on to the Black at Glentress which is filled with gruelling climbs and several good descents. A great route to ride on a good day and it takes you right to the edge of Glentress Forest notable in the trail named Boundary Trail. It is only truly the climbing and overall length then the final descent that really warrants the Black grade so if you are fit and have a good bike (hardtail will do) it is worth a shot and there are several 'escape routes' if you find yourself tiring. The final descent includes Ewok Village (which now has no North-shore following accident), Double X, The Bitch, Wormhole, Magic Mushroom and then a sharp climb up to the start of Falla Brae which takes you down to the Hub. With some great technical bits and a few scary parts the Glentress Black is probably one of my favourite trails. Glentress is also host to many 'secret trails' as they are called although many are not that secret and these are generally above or equal to black grade and are more natural and muddy, they provide tight, steep and rooty descents that will truly test your skills. A bit of research and observation and you can find the locations of trails such as Brown Trout, Secrets and Lies and Zoom or Bust. Especially during summer weekends the best thing about both the Black and the Secret trails is that they still will remain pretty quiet whilst the blue and red will be very busy. Bottom line is Glentress is great!

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Wide range of riding for all abilities
Great facilities
Really good skills and freeride park
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Sometimes overcrowded
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