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We started from the Greenrig Car Park which is free. This is where the Canada Wood Kitchen and Bar is and Greenrig Cycles Bike Hire. The restaurant seems fine with people using their toilets (beware if you want food, it gets quite busy and if raining not great to sit outside!). We did the green and blue routes (Canada Trail and Craigieburn). I'm pretty new to mountain biking and having had a few confidence knocking rides these were both great wee trails for building the confidence again. Actually felt more comfortable on the Blue Craigieburn as it was such a smooth and well maintained trail. Difficulty level definitely more akin to the Green at Glentress, though with less climbing. Didn't try the skills park but it looks really nice.

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Good Points
Free car park

Toilets in the restaurant

Both green and blue trail are suitable for beginners. Blue is more gentle corners but no obstacles and nothing steep apart from one slightly steep bit which was fine.

Easy to do the trails as many times as you want if you want to improve your skills.
Bad Points
Routes are short, but as they looped back to the car park it was really easy to keep going around as many times as you want.

Grass is starting to get tall in places so even though the trail is fine and clear, at times it was difficult to see which way the path was going so as a beginner hard to anticipate a few corners, but just kept it slow.

Some arrows on bits of the blue trail ended up being a bit confusing but we still found our way (at the bit where you can extend to the red trail, go up the man made path to the right, not the natural path to the left. There is a fork on the path and you can go either way. Left is a straight up and around, right is a bit more twisty and fun going up).

The information point in the car park is missing it's information sign at the moment.
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