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Southside good, northside rooty hell
(Updated: June 06, 2015)
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South of the A96 there is one long uphill forestry road that goes up the middle of the forrest, which is a fair slog, with single tracks branching off each side. So there is no real loop. But these blue routes flow quite nicely with fast smooth corners, especially The Haggis. The bottom part has recently been resurfaced and is a pleasure to ride. Carparking is very limited on the south side.
While north of the A96. The carpark is much bigger but there is a pay and display machine. The biggest problem with the red routes is the poor surface. Lower down the red route there's tree roots everywhere, so many you can't pick a line to avoid them, makes the ride annoying.
Worth doing for the blue routes alone if you want a quick afternoon blast. There is a tunnel under the A96 that allows you to cycle between the two sections.

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Good blue routes that flows nicely in places. Bottom blue recently improved and actually quite fun.
Bad Points
The surface of the red routes are a rooty nightmare. Big uphill slog (but you'll get fitter). Blue carpark too small. Only facilities are in the nearest village.
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