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Hand dug freeride lines and some decent sized jumps in the quarry (at least for Scotland). Plenty of stuff in the surrounding woods to keep you occupied and peer pressuring your mates into riding the bigger jumps is always a hoot. Be prepared for overgrown trails but the main lines are mostly okay trails could do with a bit of maintenance - I wish it weren't so far away or I'd be there myself. The main two quarry jump lines are both very rideable and fun and great for progressing skills and especially confidence. There is also some absolutely huge stuff currently unrideable as its overgrown - such as a big step down rock gap into an equally large step up.
The North Third loop which is easily accessible from the Cambusbarron area is a great natural cross-country loop we some challenging sections - some steep ups and some very technical features. Definitely worth a ride.

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Just the fact they are looking a bit rugged at the moment, though we saw a good number of people up there digging and clearing so that's great.
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