Wind Farm proposal could lead to new trails near Innerleithen

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Potential new trails to be built as part of a Wind Farm proposal in Walkerburn, in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland (near Innerleithen and the Golfie). You can support the Scawd Law wind farm, mountain biking, and walking trails proposal by signing the petition. 
Some more detail: 
  • The installation of new wind farms is crucial to help Scotland reach its net zero energy targets and ensure stable and secure energy production. Furthermore, part of the proposal for the Scawd Law wind farm is the construction of several new mountain bike trails.
  • These will be high-quality, flowy, machine-built trails and will be some of the longest in Scotland.
  • As far as we understand, they don't envisage any loss of the existing trail network in the area.
  • The new trails will be an excellent facility for those in the Walkerburn area, improving physical and mental health through biking and walking outdoors in the hills. Additionally, there will be new access tracks around the wind farm which will be well-suited to gravel bike riders and hill walkers.
  • All of this will help boost tourism and the economy in Walkerburn, Innerleithen, and Tweeddale areas.
Check out the existing and awesome close-by trails in this area: 

Innerleithen And The Golfie Mountain Bike Trails 

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