#TrailTrash at Epping

Take Your #TrailTrash With You!

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S Updated June 12, 2016
#TrailTrash at Gisburn Forest

We are kicking off a "Take Your #TrailTrash With You" campaign to keep our trails tidy.  Recently seen pics from PORC in Kent and Bickerstaff in Lancashire that just make me sad and mad.

Please post any litter pics to social media using the hashtag #TrailTrash to raise awareness that we need to keep our trails tidy. We will then retweet and repost them from our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

You can also add pictures directly to this article (we will add the ones from social media also). 

Twitter feed for #TrailTrash below:



#TrailTrash at PORC

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GAWTON introduces bins due to #TrailTrash. Just wrong they have to do this!
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