Tirpentwys Trails Apply For Formal Planning Approval

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Tirpentwin Trails in Pontypool, applied for a change of land use to give them the formality needed for ongoing sustainability in November. i.e. a sort of retrospective submission. We know they have hit a snag as it seems the Woodland Trust has put in an objection. NB Tirpentwin sits on ancient woodland.

So, they have reached out to their community to ask them to send some love to the planning team at Torfaen County Borough Council mentioning their application number to share their positive experiences on the trails and views on the application. Details here.

Check out the Tirpentwys Mountain Bike Trail listing. If you haven't come across them they are an awesome community with a network of around 6 hand-carved trails in South Wales. The strength of their community and the quality of their trails is endorsed by them coming 6th in the Trail of the Year award for 2023. 

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