Tarland Trails To Extend Two Trails

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In case you wondered if the Tarland Trails team in Aberdeenshire were done and tools down since their incredible entry of Pittenderich into the UK MTB family last year you will be wrong as there is some more coming. 

Early this year we can expect CRC to be back to do two new extensions: 
  • Build an extension to the Rump Track climb. This will keep bikes off the Easttown track for longer & give their farming neighbor greater separation between riders and farm machinery.
  • The Pittenderich Blue(+) trail. Starting at the summit of Pittenderich, next to Call Me Chris this blue(+) trail will descend the eastern slopes to join Crowd Surfin.
Check out the Tarland Trails trail listing here. Checked this place out yet? A fan? What would you like to see? Let us know what you think of this development in the Comments and Discussion section below.

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