Support the SKELF Bike Skills Park Petition in Edinburgh Southside

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S Updated December 10, 2016
Support the SKELF Bike Skills Park Petition in Edinburgh Southside

Please sign this petition to show your support for taking this neglected inner city woodland in hand, cleaning it right up, and creating an ace, free to use, and open access bike skills park in Edinburgh Southside!

The Skelf is the name for the cool new MTB trails and pump track that they want to build in the heart of Edinburgh!

They want to build: 
- An 800m Blue Graded MTB Trail looping through the woods (for beginners, younger kids, and cycle proficiency) 
- Red Graded Skills Development Features (located along the Blue Trail) 
- An awesome Pump Track that will be great for developing skills and improving technique

After four years of hard work they have: 
- Planning permission 
- A 25 year lease for the site 
- 80% of the funding 
- Loads of support from local people, organisations and businesses!

For more info or to get in touch: 
Twitter: @skelfbikepark 
Facebook: SkelfEdinburgh 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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If you can't wait for the Skelf Bikepark to be built Edinburgh way here's a way to speed up the process. The Braidwood BikePark Group match your donation up to a tenner. Go on!
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