Shoreham Bike Park Proposal

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Shoreham Bike Park is a new concept for a bike park in West Sussex just west of Brighton. We are encouraging folk to head over to register their support for the exciting proposal. 

The good folk behind this, want to create a unique multi-use bike park to the north of Adur Recreation Ground. A bike park designed with 6 sections to cater for all ages, abilities with challenges for various cycling disciplines.

The different sections would be 

  • Pumptrack
  • Beginners pump track
  • Jump track
  • Bike trials and parkour area
  • Mountain bike skills course
  • A family mountain bike trail

Over the past 12 months they have had talks with the council and are now looking to setup an official community group or not for profit organization whilst continue to build community support, secure funding and planning permission etc.  

You can register your support on the link below.

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