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Rother Valley Has A New Red Called Digger’s Downhill

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Rother Valley Trails are found in Rother Valley Country Park, Sheffield in South Yorkshire. There is already a myriad of green, blue, red, and black MTB trails and there is now a brand new red trail called Digger’s Downhill.

It is a short 650 meters long all-season durable trail but manages to consist of a whopping 27 berms and is littered with small jumps. It has steep and fast sections. Driven by the local trail community Rother Valley Riders in conjunction with the local council and BikeTrack trail builders.

The track was opened by Steve Peat who rode his first race here. There are big plans afoot so go support Rother Valley Riders

You can check out the Rother Valley MTB trail setup on the link below.

Published: 10/07//2021

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