Revolution Bike Park re-opening for the summer

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Revolution Bike Park is reopening for the summer. The park will operate as a pushup/ride-up venue in July, Aug, Sept. Details of how to book will be released in the next few weeks. In essence, this is to bring a bit of life to the park but the plans they have already shared on the future of the park still stand.

The park won't have all trails open for the public opening but a good enough amount for a decent day riding. 

There is also a host of events in the park the first is a tie-up with Farmer Johns to bring a round of the World Series to Revolution Bike Park. NB it is the work on preparing for the events that has meant there will be a critical mass of trails ready making it worthwhile to re-open to the public. 

Event Information

  • Stockport World Series on Tour (200 spaces) 29th/30th June -
  • 5001 Sunset Sessions - Details to be announced in a few weeks.
  • Gravity Mini DH at Revs 24th/25th August - Please note race bookings are for the race day only (Sunday). Saturday will be a normal park day but you are welcome to come and practise ahead of the Sunday race. This will be subject to a normal park entry fee.

Check out the Revolution Bike Park full listing.

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