Queen Elizabeth Country Park starts work on a Skills Area

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QECP has kicked off work for a new skills area and there is not long to wait as it’s due to launch near the end of February 2022.  We are expecting a big focus on skills development with progressive jumps and other technical features for training as well as a pump track style skills area. The skills area build is contractor commissioned.

Back in Nov 2020, we noticed a survey from Hampshire County Council (HCC) and British Cycling who were looking for responses and data from the community to help fund a skills area.

Then 6 months or so later around June 2021 the Bike Base project (of which this skills area is a key component) was given the go-ahead. It has funding from Hampshire County Council, Sport England, and the British Cycling Places to Ride fund. 

This set of initiatives is targeted at novices as well as a well-seasoned rider. They will improve existing cycling facilities and hopefully encourage more women, children, and families to the site. 

In addition, there are plans for a new green trail which will kick off soon to be built by the QECP Mountain Bike Trail Building volunteer community group (go get involved). They will also be upgrading the red trail.

Also included in the project plans are more trail signage, a mini wheels track, a bike wash, and an electric charging point for eMTB.

In summary and from the formal release, the Queen Elizabeth Country Park Bike Base will deliver a package of cycling improvements including: 

  • A mountain bike skills area will introduce riders to the different features and surfaces they will experience on the park trails. The area will enable them to hone skills and build confidence before venturing off-road
  • The mini wheels track will provide a great place for young children to have their first adventure on two wheels
  • A new ‘green’ cycle trail for mountain bikes – this short route close to the new skills area will provide novice riders with a chance to try out their skills. Green trails are aimed at novice riders with only basic bike skills required
  • Improvements to the existing ‘red’ cycle trail to match the award-winning experience of the ‘blue’ trail already in the park (MTB Volunteer Trail of the Year 2018). Red trails are some of the most challenging trails and only for proficient mountain bikers with good off-road riding skills  
  • A bike wash and bike repair station 
  • Charge points for e-bikes 
  • Improved signage and information points  
  • Events and activities to encourage new or lapsed rider
  • The construction of Bike Base has started and aims to complete in 2022

QECP is in Hampshire just off the A3 and has a visitor center, cafe, toilets, a red and blue trail as well as a myriad of enduro-style riding on offer making it a top destination in the South East.  

Check out the QECP MTB Trail listing here on the site (leave it a review or upload your media please) and do as always check out their site-specific Facebook page before going to check conditions and opening notices. Spread the word! Thanks. 

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