One More New Year's Resolution - Keep It Clean!

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Here is one for us all, especially me. It’s a long-running campaign by the Forestry Commission called #keepitclean

Basically, trees and other plants are under increasing threat from the spread of pests and diseases.

Pests and diseases can live in leaves, soil, and water. These diseases can be moved from place to place in the mud and the leaves on our wheels.

So you can help keep trees and plants safe by cleaning your bike between visits.

We see this all over UK trails especially with Ash Die Back and Larch disease and the resulting clearing that occurs. The National Trust estimates that 30,000 trees will be felled this winter alone and that in the next 20-30 years 75-95% of all ash trees could be lost. 

There are many factors at play from the lack of biodiversity in our forests to climate change which is leading to the milder and wetter climate in the UK that is a welcome home to nurture woodland pathogens and disease but we can do our part in slowing the spread by cleaning our bikes between rides.

Basically don’t give pests and diseases an easy ride. Spread the word.

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