New Trails at Cathkin Braes due in March 2018

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S Updated January 20, 2018
Work is well underway on new trail developments for Cathkin Breas MTB trails and we understand the trails to be finished in March! 

PLEASE DO NOT RIDE OR ENTER THE SITE - WAIT UNTIL THE TRAILS ARE COMPLETED AND OPENED. If you do ride these trails you will delay the work and put yourself and site workers at risk.

There will be:

• New floodlit car parking and road access
• One of the biggest Velosolutions UK Pump Tracks
• Skills coaching area including practice jumps 
• Race start area
• Blue grade access climb to new and existing trails 
• Blue graded flow trail descent 
• Red graded trail descent 
• Jump trail

Glasgow Life are also working to get toilet facilities installed. Full confirmation on this as soon as we have it.

The Cathkin Braes team thank everyone who has made this dream a reality, including the team at Glasgow Life, Glasgow LES and Sportscotland

Check out the Cathkin Breas MTB trails iBikeRide listing.

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