The new Steg preview at Cannock highlights are we two communities or one?

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S Updated August 06, 2017

Chase Trails just previewed the work on the new Stegsaurous section on Follow the Dog at Cannock Chase

The reasons stated for the change are: "It is being built to alleviate two problems. First, the old boardwalk is getting on in age and has needed a lot of TLC in recent years to keep it in top shape - alas, with our climate, the damp and wet isn't doing it much good. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the new Steg is further away from the existing walking and cycling routes, so hopefully will have a lot fewer people walking across it! Despite all the "no pedestrian" signs on the old one."

It is currently under construction by Clixbys Land Design, and will be opening soon! (Note that as it's still under construction, it may be subject to changes and needs time to bed in, so what you see here may be different by the time it's open.)

As always the tirade of comments on has it been 'dumbed down' followed by the strong defence for the (and by the) trail community accompany the post (see here). Reading the questions and answers of these posts feels like a deja vu of many a Cannock themed post. Frankly, it's boring and ineffective. 

I plan to write a longer post around this common English trail centre theme as taming features to hit the needs of wider communities can lead to trail communities getting internally fractious and also lead to unofficial development. Two dedicated communities in one as such. Two sets of riders, two sets of trail builders (all working on basically the same few miles of the same piece of land).

The irony is if you have ridden the new Steg then in this specific scenario it is actually a step up in technical ability than it was before with a nice tricky turn. It's a clear improvement. I know I've ridden it and it's sweet. The comments clearly made by folk who haven't ridden it and expected the worst. Go ride it and make up your own mind.


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