New Red at Dyfi Bike Park Turns in the Ferns

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Dyfi Bike Park has just gone and done it again! Straight off the back of launching the Triple Black Diamond Pro-Line The Icon Way, the Dyfi Trail Crew have launched Turns in the Ferns, their latest red.

Turns in the Ferns starts on the lower mountain, next to El Hippo & Oakley Icon Way. It's approximately 1 kilometer in length, with berms, fades, and shark-fins. It's fast, flowy has a bit of tech, & some jumps. What's not to love!

Halfway down it drops into the woods into some tech riding and then joins lower 50 Hits.

Dyfi has red, black, double diamond, and triple black diamond tracks. Its reputation is more for the 'advanced' rider so it is good to see the Atherton's and the Dyfi Trail Crew looking at more reds. Will they go to blue's next? As an intermediate rider who is confident on reds but not blacks is there enough for a day trip or is that not where they are targeting? Share your thoughts.

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