New Insane Pro Line At BikePark Wales Called Vanta

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BikePark Wales already has an amazing number of tracks (we count around 44, but at this massive volume of dirt-laden fun it’s kind of hard to keep count!). These cover every level from beginner Pro and all in between and at each level of technical grade you are spoilt for choice making it the most all-ability progressive bike park we can find. 

In late September they opened their latest Pro-Line Vanta (we count around 4 now) which takes the top end of what the bike park opens to a new level. 

They posted it was now 'open to the public' at the time which is a little humorous as I think most of us mere humans will just watch in awe but more importantly be inspired and motivated as to where this sport can go. Most courses like this are hidden behind competition events or in private land, so respect the public truly can as they describe in frank terms “If you've got what it takes then come and give it go, if not, sit back and enjoy the show.”

The track is the hard work of Duncan Ferris, Laurie Macqueen Greenland and Red Bull. The Bike Park Wales team describes it as their ‘insane new track’ and it clearly features some humongous jumps and crazy features.

As a random aside is it just me or are we seeing a proliferation of new blues on one side and new blacks, single, double, triple diamonds and Pro-lines on the other? Kind of makes sense as for the decade or so prior we have sat in the middle earth of reds, reds and more reds with just a sprinkling of blues and black tracks which was as much an incongruent place to start as to end. Thoughts?

So to get back and to close off, you have got to love BikePark Wales. They are truly the gift that keeps giving. Enjoy and check out the main listing and if you have ridden any of the trails at BikePark Wales please do leave a review, some pictures, or videos. Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride. 

Photo Credit: Laurie Macqueen Greenland


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