New Four-cross (4X) at Twisted Oaks Bike Park and Trails

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There is a big new Four-cross (4X) track at Twisted Oaks Bike Park and Trails.

Twisted Oaks Bike Park and Trails can be found in Brightwell Country Park in Suffolk in East Anglia. It is forever creating new stuff in its 42-acre site and is really progressive.


I got to ride it last summer for the first time and was frankly blown away by the diversity of riding on offer. It's a wonderful patchwork quilt of the best MTB you could dream up. I will definitely be back soon. It has blue and red short XC trails, a dual slalom track, numerous downhill runs, imminently a 4X track, big skills, and a jump area.


The park is open to members and non-members (you can book and pay online).


Check out the full Twisted Oaks listing on the site.

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