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MTB TrailBuddy is an AI chatbot trained to help MTB enthusiasts with information on trails, gear, and riding techniques etc. It can make mistakes, so consider checking important information. Go give it a try!
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MTB TrailBuddy ✨ is an advanced AI-powered chat engine tailored for mountain bikers in the UK. Trained with cutting-edge Generative AI models, it is designed to be a knowledgeable guide and assistant for MTB trails, gear, and skills information. As we move from beta to the first production version, you will experience significant enhancements in usability and personalisation.

  • Personality: The personality of MTB TrailBuddy is that of an experienced MTB enthusiast who is into Bike Parks, Trail Riding, Downhill and Enduro. It is pretty opinionated! Try asking it: "Tell me a bit about yourself?"
  • Contextual: Key to personalising the experience, MTB TrailBuddy is contextually aware of what page you initiate the chat from i.e. If you are on the BikePark Wales page or Swinley Page and ask a question it will relate the answer to the context of the page you asked it from. This means shorter questions and more intuitive answers e.g. You don't need to ask "Tell me about bike hire at BikePark Wales" You can ask "Any bike hire near here?" and it knows where 'here' is. 
  • Personalised: Along with tailoring the answers taking into account the context of where you are on site it remembers your in-session chat history and builds up a profile of what type of rider you are to target its responses. 
  • Privacy: All chats with MTB TrailBuddy are private to each user (no log-in is required nor planned to be and the chats are session-based and discarded automatically within the day)
  • Accuracy: It continually learns but uses web data as its foundation up to a specific point in time. It is focused on the UK mountain biking scene in the answers. Like all AIs, MTB TrailBuddy still makes mistakes and as its training data is a cut at a moment in time, it can't give you weather or up-to-date event or race information (but will likely try and give you an answer you want to hear regardless), so consider double-checking important info.
  • These are handy tips for the best results: 
    • Use MTB terms in your questions
    • Avoid using abbreviations (MTB is OK but may get mixed up with BPW or Revs)
    • Be specific, e.g. include the location in your question if the area you are asking about is not referenced on the page you are visiting when asking the question.
    • Use the 'Refresh Button' when in the same session but starting a new topic to avoid MTB TrailBuddy getting confused 
Published: 03/06//2024

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