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MTB Trail Talk December 2022

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Photo credit: Tarland Trails new build for Spring 2023.

In this month's iBikeRide Trail Talk, we review the latest trail news across the UK covering new, closed, or in-the-pipeline builds. We cover news from Dyfi Bike Park, Southampton Bike Park, Bath Bike Park, Balfour Forest, Bellshill Bike Park, Miners MTB Trails, Clayton Vale, QECP, Bike Park Wales, Rother Valley, Laggan Wolftrax and Glenlivet.


Please share in the comments below your thoughts on any of the snippets and if you know of any trail and bike park news coming up or if there is anything we missed please also share and we will feature it. We also encourage you to visit the individual trail listings mentioned and populate them with your experiences for the community be it with reviews, pictures, videos, or just your comments. Thank you.

New Builds and Revamps


Dyfi Bike Park - New Flowy Red


Dyfi Bike Park

Dyfi Bike Park has launched Lovey Dyfi, a mellower flowy red track which is 4.4km long, fast, and a good introduction to riding the bike park.


Southampton Bike Park - Revamped, Re-opened


Southampton Bike Park

Southampton Bike Park is revamped and has re-opened in the last couple of weeks. It is now all-weather so all-year rideable and has been upgraded with new tracks.


Balfour Forest - New Blue


Balfour Forest

Just added Balfour Forest to the Trail Index. The recent Relish Blue built earlier this year looks like a blast.


Bellshill Bike Park Opens


Bellshill Bike Park

Introducing the brand new Bellshill Bike Park in North Lanarkshire, Scotland.


Miners MTB Trail Opens


Miners MTB Train

Launched earlier in the year. The Miners MTB Trail Coventry way.


Clayton Vale Revamp


Clayton Vale

Architrail have just completed some much-needed renovation here to add some flow back into the trails after being untouched since they constructed them back in 2012.


QECP - New Lite Blue



Over the past year the volunteers of the QECP trail collective have been building a 300-metre MTB trail at Queen Elizabeth Country Park designed to encourage more people into mountain biking. It opens on Thursday 22nd December 2022.


Bike Park Wales - A470 Red Re-Opens and new Boomslang black underway


BikePark Wales

The team has made some changes to the start section of the A470, including two new qualifier features that make it much easier to lock in the perfect speed for the rest of the trail. There is also in the works a new black called Boomslang.


Rother Valley Launch New Drift Woods Trail


Rother Valley

The surfacing on the GRAVEYARD section of their trail DRIFT WOODS is finished. This adds to the End Game section from Bike Track. The top Orchard section is still not surfaced as yet so join at Graveyard section and enjoy!


Laggan Wolftrax To Start Work On New Blue


Laggan Wloftrax

Laggan Forest Trust has been awarded £100,000 towards developing a blue-grade mountain bike trail at Laggan Wolftrax Centre from the Cycling Facilities Fund. Work starts in March 2023 due for completion on July 23.


Glenlivet Kick of Natural Trail Project



Glenlivet goes from new trail build strength to strength and spades have hit earth on a new natural trail. More details as we discover.


No More!


Bath Bike Park - No More!:


Bath Bike Park


Bath Bike Park Project is no more due to financial viability. Hearts go out to the team and hopefully it can be resurrected one day.


That's All This Month


As always a massive appreciation for the trail communities that make our UK network so strong. There is never a bad time to get involved to help out but autumn and winter always lead to a time of regeneration and building so go get involved locally if you fancy. Please also share your thoughts and of course, any trail news we likely missed/got wrong that you would like us to share in the comments section below. Please share the post in your networks. Ta

Published: 17/12//2022

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