Moray Monster Black Graded Gully Trail Closed

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Forestry and Land Scotland last month took the decision to permanently close the black-graded Gully Monster trail at the Moray Monster trail centre.

They declared that after an extensive trail inspection, it was deemed unsafe for riders. Unfortunately, repairs to this trail would have been extremely costly and difficult to implement at a time when this, and many of our forests, are trying to get back up to speed after a season of disruption. All other trails at Moray Monster remain open and in good condition.

DMBinS has since been working hard to support local riding groups and the landowner/manager to achieve a greater understanding of the situation and seek a way forward. They have shared: Ultimately all parties hope that as a result of recent discussions long-term partnerships can be formed to enhance the Moray trail infrastructure and provide trails for all abilities including those for expert riders. All other trails at the site are still open and FLS is requesting that riders do not try and ride the closed trail.

iBikeRide wish DMBinsS luck in this endeavour as it is often the trails for expert riders that seem to be the hardest to sustain.

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