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Langline in Gawr Valley Gets Jumptastic Upgrade

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Darren Fawr MTB in the Gawr Valley in South Wales recently upgraded the black trail known as the Langline a few months after some enhancements and trail love to their other track the Llwybr Glengarw Blue.

The upgrades are on the last section where the little hand-built jumps were. It has gone all bike park! The team at Back on Track Mountain Bike Solutions is behind the build.


It's a section that you will likely want to session but please don't be tempted to just push back up on the trail as on coming riders could be coming down. There is a track next to the exit of the trail where you can easily push up to the top of the black trail or about halfway up. The rest of the trail remains as is. 


The above work was completed in September and just a few months earlier their blue trail had some neat tweeks also so well worth a visit.

Check out their Facebook page for any current developments or news before traveling.


You can also check out more videos, images, and trail descriptions and reviews at our Darren Fawr MTB - Gawr Valley Mountain Bike Trails listing here at iBikeRide. Enjoy!

Published: 10/12//2021

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