Isle Of Wight Mountain Bike Centre new operating rules and plans for a new Skills Park

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The popular Isle Of Wight Mountain Bike Centre has announced new operating rules for 2024 covering when they will be open, a new honesty system, prices and plans for a new skills park 

Here is what they have shared:
For the 2024 season, we have had to change how we operate. Here is how the 2024 season will play out:
- We will be open from the 30th of March till the 29th of September. The centre will run with a team of unpaid volunteers. This will allow all money raised through day passes and season passes to go directly on the trails themselves.
- As mentioned above the centre will no longer have paid staff onsite. We are going back to our roots and relying on the honesty system. Payments can be made via a QR code or through our website. If we find people trespassing and not respecting the work we do for free we will be left with no choice other than to shut the centre.
- NEW SKILLS PARK, new for 2024 we will be starting the skills park. Here we will demonstrate the new standard the centre will be built to. The skills park will grow throughout the next few years.
- Trails will be getting a little freshened up before opening this year. Due to the volunteers working full-time jobs, progress will not be as quick as in previous years. So please be patient. The goal is to get all trails on the south side of the centre freshened up and working great this season. Next year we will tackle the north side.
PRICES, all riding passes are fixed at one rate for all ages. Ages 7 and above will be required to pay £60 for a season pass or £10 for a single-day pass. Season passes will be available from the start of March.
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