Introducing ChatMTB The First MTB AI Chatbot

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Today we launched what we believe is the world's first MTB AI chatbot. So, forget ChatGPT as iBikeRide welcomes to our dirt-ridden community the all-new 'ChatMTB'. Its purpose is to help riders with their MTB needs and act as your friendly AI trail, kit and skills guide. It is being trained with Generative AI models and hopefully as is the site's core purpose “help you find and get the best out of the trails you will love to ride”.

So how are riders making use of it? The best way is to share some of the questions already being asked on the site:

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  • Question: Are there lots of big MTB jumps in Surrey Hills? 
  • Question: Is Swinley better than Surrey Hills? 
  • Question: What's the best way to start getting into mountain biking? 
  • Question: Are eMTB's any good? 
  • Question: Threaded or press fit bottom bracket?
  • Question: Have you heard of Bedgebury Forest Mountain Bike trails?

As regards the quality of answers you will need to head over the site and check that out for yourself. It's early days and the AI model is still training and learning the world of MTB (like the rest of us). It's a combination of hit-and-miss. Anyhows as the disclaimer on the site says: ChatMTB can make mistakes. Consider checking important information.

The AI model uses content up to a point in time (it's not real-time) so is not optimized for news. Out of curiosity I  asked it 'what its purpose was' and I'll share it here as I like it but already its answer is more than I set it as its task. 

Question: What is your purpose? (asked about 1 hour ago)


My purpose is to help people with their mountain biking needs. This can include providing information on trails, gear, and riding techniques. I can also help people find mountain biking events and clubs in their area. I am still under development, but I am learning more about mountain biking every day. I am also learning more about how to help people with their mountain biking needs. I hope that one day I will be able to help people all over the world enjoy the sport of mountain biking.

Seriously, beyond the above hype…It’s still quite Beta at the moment and works best as a one-hit Q&A service for now. It is available to all as a guest on the site at the moment but for it to be personalised as a turn-by-turn chat remembering your chat history it will need to go under registration so each chat is unique to each rider which I will roll out it has been live for a bit and done some learning. Also, be irresponsible to leave an AI loose on the world. It might take us over and do something dumb like demand all land is 'access free' for mountain bikers.

Have a play. You can check it out on the iBikeRide Homepage and do get ahead and register of course as inevitably will go under a log-in in time. Let us know your thoughts below. 

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