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Glenlivet Opens 3 Ace Trails In The Last 18 Months And More To Come

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Glenlivet Bike Mountain Bike Trail Centre in the Highlands has had a busy 18 months with new trail builds and still more in the making. 

The last year or so has seen:

  • A new black called Glendora which opened in October 2021
  • Mini DH opened in Oct 2020 just a year before.
  • A freeride Orange line which opened in the summer of 2020
  • And in the making, a new flow trail courtesy of funding from last year announced Cycling Facilities Funding grant (a Mammoth £8 million for different Scottish trail projects) 

So working through these gems one by one:


The upcoming yet to launch flow trail is about halfway through the build as we post. We believe it’s graded blue. It kicks off at the start of the blue/red and will work its way down to near the bottom of the mini DH with a mix of fun berms and rollers for all levels, ages, and abilities. It adds to the progressive credentials the Glenlivet crew wears with pride.  


Most recently launched is the new black called “Glenduro”. It opened its trail doors in October 2021. This is a hand-built track which starts just above the top of the Red and joins the red lower down after a mix of a fast open hillside, tech, loam, and woods. Built by the same folk who also built the Mini DH.


The Mini DH as we can now see was just the start of a whole network of new trails when it launched in October 2020 a year back. It was built around the idea of hosting kids Downhill races for aspiring young shredders. It kicks off at the top end of the car park and is just under 1km of natural flowing turns, bumps, and jumps with a more natural “enduro/off-piste” feel.


Finally in terms of reasonably recent builds is the Orange Freeride line which opened in June/July 2020. This track is 1 km long, full of jumps and berms.


All this is on top of an existing red, a blue, a skills area, and a pump track. Check out the Glenlivet Mountain Bike Trail Centre trail listing and plan that trip. Don't forget, it’s the car parking that pays for the trails here. Enjoy and make sure to come back to leave a review and post your vids and pictures.

Published: 13/11//2021

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