Jumps and trails toned down at Surrey Hills (and around and around we go)

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Jumps and trails toned down at Surrey Hills (and around and around we go)

Update June 2017:

I wrote the below article about the toning down of some jumps and drops on Pitch Hill 6 months ago in December and recently reposted it again on social media. Folk were confused why I was posting an old article again 6 months on.



So to explain... 6 months on I think it's more relevant now than then or ever. As a community, it feels like a game of Whac-a-mole we are playing. The jumps and drops get levelled and then new ones pop up just across on the next hill. Then the landowner levels and shuts these runs and around and around we go. I ride the Surrey hills every weekend and love it so I am probably as much a part of the problem as the solution (if I could work out what that could be which I haven't) but either way the debate hasn't been resolved and I sense with the growth in the popularity of the area it will only get louder and I'm likely to be posting this article again in a few months time.;

The original short article 6 months back is as follows:

Dec 2016: 

We just received this notice from the Hurtwood Ranger in Surrey Hills:

"Mountain Bikers, a couple of trails near the top of Pitch Hill have had to be toned down a bit, The jumps are too dangerous for all the levels of rider we get on the Hurtwood, and just too many injuries are occurring."

So if you see the notice below at the start of a trail, please be aware that the jump stuff has been removed.

Pitch Hill Notice\\

Please don't jeopardise by doing unsanctioned trail building we have a good deal in this neck of the woods. Agree? What do folk think?


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December 14, 2016
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(Updated: June 18, 2017)
Winterfold way (Evian, Area 51, secret santa, switchback trail 3 amigos) due to logging and landowner concerns is becoming a keep away territory now. Hurtwood land is different but clearly quite a few concerns around. I sense some form of committee organisation / regulation will be on its way. Tensions are mounting a bit.
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Captain Clunk
Hi Dan, apparently someone a mtb'er presumably broke their arm on this trail. It was quite a drop off but is now smoother. Maybe you know this already. Evian has been altered slightly but is still good. Watch out at the beginning though. Haven't been over there just yet but Secrte Santa apparently has had some attention; perhaps it's the gap jump towards the end. I'll have to go and see.
Owner's reply

I heard it had been toned down (Didn't know it it was due to break). Recently been quite a bit taken down due to landowner concerns.

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